In Modern  Foreign Languages  we aim to develop a love of language learning amongst students together with a realisation of the importance of languages in today’s world. We hope to engender an appreciation of French and German culture, and the desire amongst students to discover more about our world and the languages within it.

The four language skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing will be developed with a strong emphasis on communication skills and grammar. We encourage all students to use the languages they are learning in the classroom for greetings and simple instructions.

For more details about the Languages faculty please contact Mrs Radford by email. An overview of the faculty can be downloaded below.

Key stage 3
In year 7, students learn French and study topics including:
• myself and my family• leisure • school • home and environment •

In addition we work to develop cultural awareness of the customs and traditions of France and Germany. 

At the beginning of year 8, students in the top set (based on assessment) start an additional language, German and continue with French.. All other students continue with French and develop their skills and comprehension. This continues into year 9 and assists students in deciding on languages they may wish to study at GCSE and beyond.

Key stage 4
Students can opt to study French or German at GCSE. In both languages students are taught and examined in all four skill areas of listening, reading, speaking and writing, studying three themes:
• identity and culture • local, national, international and global areas of interest • current and future study and employment

Key stage 5
Our A-Level and AS level courses in French and  German have a broad educational value. Language is central to human understanding – the course develops communication and grammar skills together with an ability to analyse, interpret and evaluate texts and spoken language.

The A Level and AS courses for French and German include the following units:
• aspects of French/German speaking society • social issues and trends • artistic culture • grammar • literary texts and films 

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