We aim for excellence in the visual arts and hope to create well-informed, independent and confident artists. All pupils have one Art lesson a week at Key Stage 3 and 3 lessons per week for GCSE. Art is a popular option at GCSE with two groups each with approximately 18 pupils.

Extension activities and workshops are provided for the Gifted and Talented and the faculty organises trips to galleries and museums to enrich pupils learning experiences and to see original art work.

Key Stage 3
During year 7 we explore the following topics:
• Drawing • Painting • Pattern • Aboriginal art • Still life

In year 8 we cover:
• Portraits • Clay • Figures • Artists and cultural traditions • Psychedelic art

Year 9 topics include:
• Graphics and lettering • Surrealists • Perspective

Key Stage 4
In year 10, students are working towards their GCSE in Fine Art. The course enables students to develop coursework units reflecting a personal response and style, and covers areas such as:

• 2D and 3D materials • Drawing • Painting • Print • Photography • Natural forms • Distorted portraits and figures

Students are expected to keep a sketchbook, collect images, take their own photographs and encouraged to visit local landmarks and galleries.

This coursework is progressed further in year 11, as students reflect, evaluate and adapt their coursework to develop their own styles, techniques and experiences. They will sit exams at the end of the course, with a period of time allocated to prepare ideas in the weeks leading up to the final exam. 

Key Stage 5
Students have recently used their Art A-level to obtain places on Art and Design Foundation courses at Nottinghamshire colleges, photography degree course and to study architecture at a variety of Universities.

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