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 Art, Design and Technology Faculty


Head of Faculty –– Mr A Topliss (

Art is part of the Art, Design Technology Faculty and the two Art rooms are situated in the ADT building. The accommodation also includes a kiln room. We aim for excellence in the visual arts and hope to create well-informed, independent and confident artists. All pupils have one Art lesson a week at Key Stage 3 and 3 lessons per week for GCSE. Art is a popular option at GCSE with two groups each with approximately 18 pupils. Extension activities and workshops are provided for the Gifted and Talented and the Faculty organises trips to galleries and museums to enrich pupils learning experiences and to see original art work.

Currently year 7, 8 and 9 are taught in mixed ability classes and have one lesson per week.

An A Level course is planned to start next year.


Year 7 During year 7 we explore the following topics:

  • Drawing: exploring the key elements of line, tone, shape, form and texture through a variety of materials.
  • Painting: applying colour theory and artist influences.
  • Pattern: experimenting with design and cultural inspiration with a focus on Aboriginal Art.
  • Still Life: exploring composition elements.

 Year 8 During year 8 we explore the following topics:

  • Portraits: exploring proportion and accuracy through drawing and creating designs in clay inspired by Pablo Picasso.
  • Figures: experimenting with drawing and making 3D sculptural figures inspired by the artist Alberto Giacometti.
  • Research using ICT to develop knowledge of artists and cultural traditions especially Psychedelic Art.

 Year 9 During year 9 we explore the following topics:

  • Graphics/lettering: experimenting with the ideas of Frank Stella using a range of 2D, 3D materials and printing techniques.
  • Research The Surrealists using ICT to develop analysis skills.

Perspective: exploring composition through landscape and interiors inspired by Surrealism.



Year 10
During year 10, pupils study the Edexcel GCSE in Fine Art which is a broad based course allowing pupils to express themselves in a variety of 2D and 3D materials. They will develop themes from a wide range of sources enabling them to produce work that is a truly personal response. Visit for more information.

  • All students will have 3 lessons of Art a week taught by Mr Govinden and Mrs Kyle.
  • Students are working towards gaining a GCSE that will enable them to move onto A levels, Foundation courses at college and Degree courses.
  • Students develop two units of coursework that reflects their strengths in Drawing, Painting, Print, 3D studies and Photography and is inspired by the work of other artists and cultures. The coursework themes are Natural Forms in Year 10 and Distorted Portraits and Figures in Year 10/11.
  • Coursework counts for 60% of the total GCSE mark.
  • Pupils are expected to keep a sketchbook, collect images, take their own photographs and encouraged to visit local landmarks and galleries

Year 11

Students will reflect, evaluate and adapt their coursework to develop their own styles, techniques and experiences.

  • The examination counts for 40% of the final mark. Students are given the exam paper approximately 8 school weeks before the exam date in order to prepare studies and ideas. A final piece is completed during the 10 hour exam, which is over 2 days, and all preparation work is handed in to be assessed.

Work is marked to a series of 4 Assessment Objectives and is externally moderated.



Art in Year 12 and 13

  • Students have recently used their Art A level to obtain places on Art and Design Foundation courses at Nottinghamshire colleges, Photography Degree course and Architecture at various universities
  • A new A Level is planned for next year that will be provided by OCR.