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As a Church of England School, The National Academy is committed to supporting the spiritual and faith development of all of our pupils.

Revd Louise Nicolls, our School Chaplain, is responsible for co-ordinating our ecumenical chaplaincy team and has a key role in the development and delivery of Christian worship throughout the school year. She is also available to talk with any member of the school community- students, staff or governors- whether or not they are a Christian.

The chaplaincy team runs a variety of lunchtime groups every week. These are open to all pupils who wish to explore issues of faith in a supportive environment.

Louise is in school on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 – 2 but may be contacted at any time on

Lunchtime Groups

There are a variety of lunchtime groups which usually meet in the Whiting Room and are led by members of the Chaplaincy Team. The purpose of the groups is to provide students with a space to have lunch and explore questions of faith with one another. Students of any faith or no faith are welcome to attend.

Monday – ‘A-Z’ with Rev Vanessa Hollingworth

Tuesday – ‘Impact’ with Sally Newsome & Jamie McSeveney

Wednesday – ‘Showcase’ with Rev Louise Nicolls & Andrew Tuckwood

Friday – ‘Christians in Sport’ with Rob Taylor, Sports Ambassador for Southwell & Nottingham Diocese
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