Christian ethos

Christian The National Church of England Academy seeks to provide high quality education rooted in Christian values. Our academy should be a place where:

  • young people and adults alike are engaged on a lifetime’s journey of learning
  • each person is uniquely valued
  • the gifts and potential of everyone in our community are nurtured and developed.

Our expectation is that students develop and display these values throughout their time at National and beyond.

Students are expected to commit to do their best both in and outside of the classroom. Staff nurture individual abilities to enable students to challenge themselves, engage and achieve within their learning and become well-rounded young people.

Our students understand the value of respect. We teach our students self-discipline and give them the tools to respect themselves, each other and our environment.

We expect our students to display charity through generosity of spirit and giving their time and energy to others. We encourage them to see the potential for good in other people, understand others’ feelings and be able to forgive.

We encourage our students to recognise the strengths and talents of others. All students should be open to learning and to seeing the opinions of others as valid and important.

All students must use what they learn in a practical and appropriate manner, whether learning from the classroom or understanding about other core values, and put these into practice in the academy and at home.

The academy’s role is to educate and develop individuals who can contribute fully in society. We provide exceptional support to enable a stimulating and challenging educational experience.