Drama is a well established subject in the academy and enjoyed by a wide range of students. There are many practical and exciting opportunities for the students to engage with both in and outside of the lessons. In Key Stage 3 students have one lesson of Art, one  lesson of Drama and one lesson of Music  per week. 

Key Stage 3
Our year 7, 8 and 9 students are taught in mixed ability groups and in drama there is a focus on developing key drama skills such as role play, still image, cross cutting, hot seating forum theatre and many more, as well as soft skills such as leadership, team work, communication and confidence. This is done through historic events and social issues, as well as writing and learning scripts.

During year 7 we explore the following topics:
• emotions • waxwork museums • bullying • urban legends • comedy scripts • study of older generations and life experiences

During year 8 we explore the following topics:
• ‘Timothy Winters Poem’: empathising with a disadvantaged boy • ‘Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations’: a play about a boy with hallucinations • imagination and exploration of a magical box

During year 9 we explore the following topics:
• truancy • creating imaginative drama from own experiences • racism • teenage pregnancy • soap operas • The Holocaust

Key Stage 4 
The GCSE drama course has been developed to recognise students skills, knowledge and understanding, application and experience of Drama. This is assessed in terms of acting, directing, leading, managing and creating drama pieces of various styles and genres, whether devised or scripted.

Students will cover the following throughout the duration of the course:
• images • poetry • video clips • live theatre productions • scripts • sound-bites • diary entries • social issues • current affairs • world-wide events • homelessness • practical exploration of a play • live performance • characterisation • group performance

Key Stage 5
For students who wish to continue with drama, we offer a BTEC Level 3 in Performing Arts - Acting at the Hucknall Sixth Form Centre. 

The course builds on skills such as working as part of a team, research, presentational skills, as well as acting and performing. Students will learn how to speak with confidence, enthusiasm and flair under many varied guises, and develop your knowledge, understanding and application of the subject.

Key topics covered on the course are:
• Investigating practitioners’ work • Developing skills and techniques for live performance • Group performance • Interpreting classical text for performance

For more information about the Performing Arts - Acting course, visit www.hsfc-ac.org.uk/performing_arts_acting