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The National Academy seeks to provide high quality education rooted in Christian values.

Our academy should be a place where:

  • young people and adults alike are engaged on a lifetime’s journey of learning
  • each person is uniquely valued
  • the gifts and potential of everyone in our community are nurtured and developed.

Christianity acknowledges the value of every human being regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, creed or sexual orientation. It teaches the importance of charity, respect, reconciliation and the need to work for peace and justice. Our aim is the mental, physical and spiritual development of each young person.

The Christian faith will be the starting point and the central focus for the ethos of the academy. But the beliefs and practices of other faiths will also be valued and respected. We hope that parents and pupils of all faiths and none will find the academy a welcoming community.

What are our academy’s values?

Our values are Achievement, Respect, Charity and Humility: an ARCH, underpinned by the two pillars of Wisdom and Service.


As Christians we believe that we are created in the likeness of God. We have each been given unique talents and abilities. We want to help our pupils to use these talents as fully as possible: academically, and also in the arts, music and sport. Ultimately, it is about training our young people to strive to be the best that they can be.


We want to teach our pupils the value of respect: for themselves, for each other, and for the environment. Self respect is important because it is protective; we can take it with us throughout life, and it will protect us from harm. By respecting others we can help to create a better society. Respect for the environment is important because we are stewards of God’s creation.


This means generosity of spirit: giving our time and energy to others: seeing the potential for good in other people: trying to see other people’s perspective in order to understand their feelings: being generously forgiving. Raising money for good causes is a good way of building community and developing a charitable attitude.  In relationships charity is about seeing through the surface of people, and treating them as we might treat Jesus.


Christians recognize the supremacy of God in all things. From this is derived the virtue of humility:  admitting our limitations, and recognising the strengths and talents of others. True humility is not about pulling ourselves down, but greater self awareness.

The ARCH is supported by two strong pillars: WISDOM and SERVICE.


Wisdom is not about old age.  It is a way of understanding things, which enables us to see what is true, or right, and to use what we learn unselfishly: to serve others with it, to make ourselves better people, or to contribute towards building a more just society.


For Christians, everything that we do is in service to God. As staff in this academy, whether Christians or not, the idea of service should be central to what we do and the way we do it. Our job is to serve our pupils and students, by offering them a stimulating, challenging, rounded educational experience. If the service we offer is a good one, it will not be half-hearted, but will be challenging and supportive. It will give pupils clear boundaries for their behaviour; support to change; and aspirational targets to help them to improve.


We have taken the biblical image of Jesus as the keystone, or cornerstone, and placed it in the middle of the arch, to illustrate that it is God, as seen in the life of Jesus and as experienced today through the working of the Holy Spirit, who holds our academy community together.

Our aim is to live out these values in our academy and beyond it.

June 2015