Exams results 2016

Academy achievementThe 2015/16 examination performances of students at the academy represented further improvement on what was already judged to be outstanding performance the previous year.

 Key Stage 4 highlights

  • 5 A*-C (including English and mathematics) aspirational target exceeded by 3%
  • English and maths results above national averages
  • English - 80% of students made expected progress; 42% above expected progress
  • Maths - 74% of students made expected progress; 31% above expected progress

Together with our impressive headline statistics, it is also important to note that there were strong outcomes throughout all the faculties in the academy including with Pupil Premium and SEND students. This consistency is illustrated by the academy achieving an estimated Progress 8 score of +0.29, a performance considerably above national average.

Key Stage 5 highlights

  • 100% pass rate
  • 79% of grades were A*-C
  • 56% were A*-B
  • 31% were at grade A*/A
  • Our average A Level grade was equivalent to grade B - significantly above national average 
  • 100% of students wishing to go to university gained a place

The academy is proud that our students performed so well, and we are always proactive in ensuring that future years do very well. Consequently, we are constantly investing time in developing high quality teaching and learning for the benefit of all students at the National Church of England Academy.

Measure         2016 data      
Attainment 8   49.3
Estimated Progress 8     +0.10
Progress in English
(estimated %/ above expected %)          
 All - 80/42
 PP - 60/36
SEN - 66/36 
Progress in Maths
(estimated %/ above expected %)
 All - 74/31
 PP - 60/36
SEN - 66/36 
 % of students completing EBacc 21%

For more detailed information and to see how National's performance compares to others, visit the Department for Education website.