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Government and politics



Key Stage 5 Government & Politics

Government & Politics As and A level

Examination Board: EDEXCEL

Specification: 8GP01/9GP01

Why study Politics?

All members of society should have a better understanding of the general rules under which they live. Politics enables students to actively participate in making and shaping society’s rules, upholding them and maybe, changing them. A healthy society is a society in which many people participate in political activity and do so with insight and understanding. What makes politics different as an academic subject is its emphasis on debate, discussion and argument.

What will I learn about?

Unit 1: People and Politics

Issues of democracy, political parties, elections and pressure groups. The democratic process and what needs to be done to strengthen it.

Unit 2: Governing the UK

Governing the UK focuses on the main institutions of the central UK government. Its core themes are the distribution of policy-making power and the effectiveness of the key bodies in carrying out their roles or functions. The UK constitution, the power and structure of Parliament, the role of the Prime Minister and the role of the judiciary.

Unit 3: Representation in the USA

The representative process in the United States; Elections & Voting, Political Parties, Pressure Groups and Racial & Ethnic Politics.

Unit 4: Governing the USA

Constitution of the USA. The three branches of

the federal government (Congress, Presidency, Supreme Court) and how they have been held in check in the ways envisaged by the founding fathers.

How will I be assessed?

Unit 1: Written exam:

1 hour 20 minutes

50% AS/ 25% A level

Unit 2: Written exam

1 hour 20 minutes

50% AS/25% A Level

Unit 3: Written exam

1 hour 30 minutes

Unit 4:Written exam

1 hour 30 minutes

Future pathways/careers?

Progress to honours degrees in politics, international politics/relations and political science as well as to degrees in related subjects such as history, geography and economics. The study of politics can lead to a variety of careers within areas such as journalism and broadcasting, management, publishing, local government, public policy and policy research, interest groups, local government and the voluntary sector, as well as within politics itself.

Entry Requirements

GCSE B in History

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