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Head Boy and Girl


Hello, all! This is to tell you all about us! We are this year’s Head Boy, Nathan Palmer and Head Girl, Frances Farrell-Oscroft, chosen by the staff and students.

We were chosen due to our strong roles throughout the school during our time here and we are super happy to set good examples, and to put the bar even higher for next year’s advocates.

Our roles as Head Boy and Girl are to make sure that everybody is rep-resented and that everybody has a voice. We have close relations with the school’s staff, which connects us both to the teachers and the lower years in order to keep a good flow of communication through the academy.

We’re here to look out for your children and to overlook all of the services out there in the school that allow them to be content and confident.

So far this year, we have helped out in various activities that serve charities and also our student voice. We have chaired the school and Diverse Academy Learning Partnership (DALP) councils, raising issues voiced by the pupils which will be discussed by staff to have changes possibly put into place for the students’ benefits. We’re very praise-positive, and each pupil needs to feel that they are capable of being the best that they can be!

Other events include being speakers at the annual Year 6 Open Evening to promote our academy, and taking part in a number of charity events that have happened and will happen throughout this school year, such as our Macmillan coffee morning, made available to all pupils (Nathan was head seller, and Fran made the bunting!).

We hope that there will be many more opportunities for us to spread our voice as well as the student body’s throughout the community throughout this oncoming year, and we are enjoying this role and will be trying our best to make school life just as enjoyable for our pupils, and your children!