Within the ICT department at National, there is a wide variety of stimulating and challenging units for students at Key Stages 3 to 5, each designed to broaden comprehension of the digital world we live in, and how ICT can enhance our lives and lifestyles. 

Key Stage 3
During year 7 we explore the following topics:
• internet communication and e-safety • multimedia presentations • digital music editing • modelling and presenting numeric data • ‘The Apprentice’ project • data handling and information

Year 8 students cover units including:
• website design • graphics • digital video editing • game design • desktop publishing • animation

We build on the topics covered already in year 9 to develop firm foundations in the subject. Units include:
• e-safety • networks • Python • understanding computer language • database development

Key Stage 4
Students learn about current and emerging digital technology and its impact on our lives, working with a range of tools and techniques and exploring interactive digital products such as websites, computer games and databases.

They study units that explore digital technology impacts on the lives of individuals, organisations and society together with how to access and use digital tools. This includes:
• emerging digital technologies • ICT risk and security • responsible practice • digital tools and their use

Key Stage 5
Designed in collaboration with experts spanning the breadth of the sector, the Cambridge Technical in ICT focuses on skills, knowledge and understanding demanded by universities and employers. Students will practically apply their skills, learning and knowledge in preparation for further study or the workplace.

Units covered will include:
• principles of IT and Global Information Systems • the pace of technological change • IT infrastructure • global information flow • legal and security considerations

Students will also develop professional, personal and social skills through interaction with peers, stakeholders and clients, as well as theoretical knowledge and understanding to underpin these skills.