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Investors in Pupils


Throughout the year we have been working towards Investors in Pupils status; this focuses on fourteen key areas ranging from students setting themselves individual non-curriculum based targets to pupil voice and pupil participation. During the past few terms students have been finding out more about the academy and the jobs of everyone in it, while other sessions have seen students finding how the academy budget operates. The key principal behind the Investors In Pupils concept is that our students are aware of how the whole academy works and the roles and responsibilities they have in ensuring that this is a highly inclusive, respectful environment. In each home group you will find numerous references to the key principals behind IIP as well as home group vision statements and home group targets. A commitment to the IIP programme is an example of the academy’s commitment to high quality pastoral care which includes initiatives such as Peer Mentors, Big School Buddies and our Auntie’s & Uncles transition programme.

 To find out more about Investors in Pupils click here….we will keep you up to date with our progress

As previously mentioned, the Academy was recently inspected by two Investors in Pupils assessors. We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Investors in Pupils mark in recognition of the hard work that our students have undertaken. Throughout the day the assessors met with over fifty students including the academy council, peer mentors, big school buddies and aunties and uncles. The assessors also took the time to meet with staff, support staff and members of the governing body as well as undertaking a tour of the site. Our students were questioned throughout about how Investors in Pupils is used to support our practices and support mechanisms here including our outstanding transition package. The assessors, as can be seen in the report, were highly complementary of both the academy and the students and the judgment was never in doubt! Please click on the links to see the full report and letter to the students.

National CE Academy Assessment Report

National CE Academy letter to students