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 Modern Foreign Languages Faculty


Head of Faculty – Ms. T. Radford (

Progress Leader – Ms. O. Morais

CLT Leader – Mrs. N. Husbands

There are 5 members of teaching staff in the MFL Faculty. We currently teach French, German and Spanish in KS3, 4 and 5. We aim to develop a love of language learning amongst pupils together with a realisation of the importance of languages in today’s world and an appreciation of French, German and Spanish culture.


Year 7:  Pupils learn either French or German. Pupils study topics including Self and Relationships, Leisure, School, Home and Environment and Health and Lifestyle. The four language skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing will be developed throughout the year with a strong emphasis on communication skills. We encourage pupils to use French and German in the classroom for greetings and simple instructions. In addition we work to develop cultural awareness of the customs and traditions of France and Germany.

Year 8:   Pupils in Set 1 start an additional language which may be Spanish, French or German and continue with the language started in year 7.  Pupils in other sets continue with the language they studied in year 7. The topics from year 7 are revisited and developed further.

Year 9:   Pupils in Set 1 continue with both languages from year 8.  Other sets continue with the language they studied in the first two years. Pupils revisit the same topic areas as year 7 and 8 but build and develop their knowledge further.






Pupils can opt to study French, German or Spanish at GCSE. For all 3 languages we teach the AQA syllabus (this is still a draft specification). Pupils are taught and examined in all four skill areas of listening, reading, speaking and writing. They study three themes:

Identity and Culture

Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest

Current and Future Study and Employment.

Pupils can choose to enter at Foundation or Higher Tier.

A draft specification of the syllabus for all three languages can be viewed in further detail at


Pupils can choose to study French German or Spanish at A level. We use the AQA syllabus (this is still a draft specification for teaching from 2016 and can be viewed in detail at Pupils will be examined in all four skill areas of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. They will study three topics of core content:

Social Issues and Trends
Political and Artistic Culture

There will also be an optional content of literary works and films.