Music enables you to develop your creativity and skill on a chosen instrument or voice. It allows you to explore compositional ideas while underpinning theoretical knowledge and staff notation.

At National, together with the opportunities offered in the classroom, there are a number of enrichment activities for talented musicians and singers to engage with. These include:
• Cadence:vocal harmony group • orchestra • composition club • worship group (religious band) • music theory group • whole academy productions • GLEE club

Key Stage 3
During year 7 we explore the following topics:
• emotions • gamelan • understanding music • music notation • Indian music • early music • cover versions (ensemble work)

Students' knowledge and experience is extended in year 8 by studying:
• using textures in music • film music • dance music • blues • rock and roll • music and media • theme and variation

Year 9 students cover the following topics:
• pop music - hooks and riffs • song writing • reggae • music of the Seasons • rap • music for special occasions

Key Stage 4

For students who wish to take Music for BTEC, students will gain an insight to life in the music industry. Students will either play an instrument or fulfil the role of a live sound technician getting to grips with the technology and logistics behind the scenes.

Students will perform modern songs and as part of a band and as a solo performance. They will put on a concert as a group being in charge of every detail from selecting the theme, repertoire and rehearsing to organising promotion and refreshments. Students will also look in to composition techniques used in the modern music industry and finally they will take an exam all about the music industry.

Key Stage 5
We currently offer both an A-Level and AS level course in Music. Students who opt to take this course will cover:
• performing music (AS unit) • composing (AS unit) • developing musical understanding (AS unit) • extended performance (A2 unit) • composition and technical study (A2 unit) • further musical understanding (A2 unit)

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