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  • Remembrance day 2018

    Paying our respects - Remembrance 2018

    9th November 2018

    This morning our academy community paid their respects at the culmination of our Remembrance activities this week.

    Students and staff joined together for a two-minute silence as year 11 student Katie performed the Last Post in the main academy quad.

    Our remembrance activities this year have included creating poppies in our humanities lessons which have been placed on lamposts throughout Hucknall, Papplewick and Linby, together with our own installation here at National. Students have been reminded of the impo

  • Social sciences blog

    Faculty blog - social sciences

    29th October 2018

    Our latest faculty blog comes from our Social Sciences team, who have passed on the responsibility for writing this to six of their students, who will be telling you about what courses are offered by the faculty, together with how they can support you in the future.

    'At National and Hucknall Sixth Form Centre there are a broad range of social science subjects to enable students have a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. The social science faculty teach; religious studies, personal d

  • Thought for the Week

    Thought for the week - Inspiration

    19th October 2018

    Bible Reading:
    Genesis 39:2-4 “The Lord was with Joseph so that he prospered, and he lived in the house of his Egyptian master. When his master saw that the Lord was with him and that the Lord gave him success in everything he did, Joseph found favour in his eyes and became his attendant. Potiphar put him in charge of his household, and he entrusted to his care everything he owned.”

    The story of Joseph is one such inspirational story. Joseph was quite an arrogant young man and his brothers had had enough of h

  • What is PACE?

    Faculty blog - What is PACE?

    16th October 2018

    People sometimes ask us, ‘what is PACE?’ Well, it stands for Physical and Creative Education, and our faculty consists of physical education, drama and music.  

    In music students will receive one music lesson per week at key stage 3 and have the option of choosing BTEC music at key stage 4. Students will study various styles and genres through instrumental and vocal workshops.

    We provide opportunities for students to take music lessons in guitar, woodwind, drums, singing, strings and piano, at a small co

  • Thought for the Week

    Thought for the week - Ghana

    12th October 2018

    Bible reading:
    James 1:27 “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

    One of the themes that runs throughout the Bible is that responsibility for the welfare of those in need belongs to all of us, we all have our part to play. As the verse above states, looking after orphans and widows in their distress is what God desires. But what does it mean by ‘the world’? In my opinion ‘the

  • National to become aspirant teaching school

    National to become Aspirant Teaching School

    3rd October 2018

    We are delighted to announce that the National Church of England Academy will be working with Trent Valley Teaching Schools Alliance (TVTSA) in becoming an aspirant teaching school (ATS). TVTSA have been successful in bidding to support the development of the National Church of England Academy ATS, which will operate as a hub of TVTSA, but with its own clear identity and vision.

    With strong core value and a distinctive Christian ethos, together with expert teaching staff, outstanding leadership and top-class

  • The Iceberg Effect

    Principal's blog - 'the Iceberg Effect'

    26th September 2018

    “These first few weeks have given me cause to reflect on the ‘iceberg effect’ and how this is relevant to staff and students. I have shared my thoughts with staff as to how this relates to their work and now I turn my attention to students.

    As teachers and support services staff we do not always fully recognise how much ‘lies beneath the surface’ in our students’ lives. Many of them, often more than we know, have talents, skills, interests, and hobbies which never surface in the normal routine of life at the

  • Ms Heath visits HSFC

    Ms Heath visits Hucknall Sixth Form Centre

    20th September 2018
    The team at Hucknall Sixth Form Centre were delighted this week to welcome Ms Heath, the acting principal at The National Church of England Academy, who visited the centre to personally congratulate a number of students on their excellent exam results this summer and to see how they were settling into life as sixth form students.

    Each student was given a letter of congratulations from the academy, who were understandably proud of their achievements, and pleased that they had chosen to undertake their post 16
  • Thought for the week - Vision

    Thought for the week - Vision

    16th September 2018

    Our thought for the week from our academy chaplain this week is focused on the theme of 'Vision'.  

    Bible reading:
    John 4:13-14 “Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.””

    In the above passage Jesus is telling a woman he met at a well that his words/teachings would open up doors that would lead to new life. He made many stateme

  • National Church of England Academy - 1954

    Principal's blog - 14 September 2018

    14th September 2018

    The year marks an incredible 230 years of National’s history – it is important to reflect on those humble beginnings in the church porch when poor children in Hucknall were given the first beginnings of instruction thanks to George Green and the St. Mary Magdalene church. Only rich children (mainly boys) received any form of education and not until much later. These were pioneering steps, and all because one man had a belief that education was a way out of poverty. We have come a very long way since then an

  • Vacancy - Midday Supervisor

    Vacancy - Midday Supervisor

    13th September 2018
    We are recruiting! 

    The National Church of England Academy currently has a vacancy for a mid-day supervisor. The position will involve the care and supervision of children during the lunchtime in the canteen and outside social areas, working with a team to ensure the safety, welfare and good conduct of our students.

    For more information or to apply for this role, please visit

    Closing date for applications is Friday 28th September 2018.

    We look forward to hearing from you.
  • Ms Heath - principal's blog

    Principal's blog - the start of a new year

    7th September 2018

    Welcome back to all. 

    I am delighted that the first week back at National has been very up-beat – it has been a pleasure to see all our students return to the academy in a positive and co-operative frame of mind. Our new Year 7 students are setting the bar very high, and the standards of their uniform, politeness and conscientiousness are worthy of praise. They will be role models to us all!

    Lessons have been purposeful, challenging and engaging from the learning walks that our academy senior leaders have don

  • Marcellus Baz visits National

    Inspiring visit from Marcellus Baz

    6th September 2018

    A key focus at National is always to encourage students and challenge them to be the very best that they can be, whether in academic achievements or with their personal development. Inviting inspirational speakers into the academy supports this work, and on Tuesday we were privileged to welcome Marcellus Baz to speak with our year 11 students.

    In a passionate and powerful assembly, Marcellus drew upon his own personal experience of growing up in difficult circumstances and getting involved in crime at a youn

  • Ms Heath - Interim Principal

    Ms Heath becomes Interim Principal

    5th September 2018

    We have been delighted to welcome back our full academy community today after their summer break. There is one noticeable change as a new phase in National’s long history begins with Ms Heath taking on the role as Interim Principal. 

    Whilst the recruitment process is ongoing for a new principal, Ms Heath has taken on the challenge of leading our academy in the interim, ensuring that all students continue to receive the same high levels of education and support that National always provides. We could not wish

  • Mr Jobling

    Farewell to Martyn Jobling

    31st August 2018

    This week we say a very fond farewell to our academy principal Martyn Jobling as he leaves us following twelve years at the National Church of England Academy.

    Martyn joined us in September 2006 as head of faculty in science and shared with students and staff his passion for teaching and learning, particularly in biology. He has always been open, honest and proud of his relentless desire to make a difference to students’ life chances, giving young people opportunities to create choices for themselves through

  • Start of term arrangements 2018-2019

    Start of term arrangements - 2018-2019

    30th August 2018

    We hope all students have enjoyed their summer break and are feeling rested, relaxed and are looking forward to coming back to the academy next week.

    To clarify, on Tuesday 4th September, our new year 7 students and year 11 are in only, with years 8, 9 and 10 returning to National on Wednesday 5th September.

    All staff are looking forward to welcoming our new students and seeing familiar faces as we start the 2018-2019 academic year.

  • Students GCSE success at National

    Students celebrate their GCSE results!

    23rd August 2018

    We have been delighted this morning to join our year 11 students in celebrating as they have received their GCSE results, the culmination of their time studying at National.

    There was a hugely positive atmosphere at the academy as students found out their grades, with scenes of celebration amongst friends, teachers and academy staff. There were great individual success stories and students’ hard work really paid off, with 13% of students gaining the top grades 9-7, 77% receiving pass grades between 9-4, and

  • Students celebrate A Level success

    Students celebrate A Level success

    16th August 2018

    Students at the National Church of England Academy in Hucknall, part of the Diverse Academies Learning Partnership, were celebrating this morning as they received their A Level results, with a positive overall picture highlighted with individual successes for many students. Their hard work really paid off, with 11% of students gaining A*- A grades, 36% gaining A*- B grades, and 63% receiving A* - C.

    Since September 2016, students have been undertaking their studies at the Hucknall Sixth Form Centre, alongsid

  • Academy achieves Equalities Awards

    Academy achieves Equalities Award

    20th July 2018

    The National Church of England Academy are delighted to announce that we have been recognised for the many ways in which we promote equality of opportunity and raise outcomes for all learners regardless of gender, disability, faith and ethnicity, sexual identity and socio-economic disadvantage, by achieving the Equalities Award for 2018-2021.

    Our core ARCH values are prioritised and reflected through our commitment to equality for all throughout the curriculum, built environment, personal development and lin

  • Spectroscopy in a Suitcase

    Chemists enjoy 'Spectroscopy in a Suitcase'

    12th July 2018
    Last Friday (6th July) our year 12 chemistry students enjoyed a fabulous experience as Tracy McGhie and Emma Palin from the University of Leicester brought the Royal Society of Chemistry’s ‘Spectroscopy in a Suitcase’ to Hucknall Sixth Form Centre.

    Our students worked in pairs to try to identify mystery substances, using sophisticated analytical equipment that would usually only be available in universities and professional laboratories. They used infrared spectroscopy and mass spectroscopy to work out what