Students inspired at WE Day

19th May 2017

WE Day 2017On 22 March 2017 a group of our students were rewarded for their hard work and successes at National with a trip to WE Day at Wembley Arena.

WE Day seeks to help inspire young people to make changes in their community and learn about new issues that affect others. The WE Movement was founded by activists and brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger who have helped it become one of the largest non-profit Facebook pages, with over 3.5million likes. The movement is more than just a one-day event, as it inspires and challenges young people to make a difference all year long.

Our students wanted to share their experience and have penned their report from the day, which you can read below:

“The day started around 4am for our students and staff. With the blaring of excited alarms the experience began, we huddled together outside the academy at 5 =am, each of us zombified by the early morning and chilling breeze. After waiting for, what seemed to be a life time, the bus arrived and the journey began. Our hearts began to pump warmth around our body as we skipped into Wembley arena. This was it. WE day had begun.

Taking our seats the crowd began to roar with excitement like a wild animal loose from its muzzle and, with now excited teenage hormones, we joined in. Acts such as Kate Winslet spoke and her powerful message was – “believe in who you are, believe in yourself and don’t let how people see you be reflected in your self-image”. Paula Abdul spoke about how if something is wrong or there is a barrier to work it out, make it happen.

We also heard from Spencer West, who, despite having no lower body has scaled Mount Kilimanjaro using his hands. It was impossible not to be inspired by his story. His mantra is “redefine possible” and he refuses to be told what he can and cannot do because of his disability, preferring instead to set his own goals.

Muzoon Al-Mellehan recently arrived in the UK as a refugee from Syria. She spoke to us about a vibrant country ripped apart by war. She told us about her life in Syria, her friends, her school, her home. Her speech opened our eyes to the plight of Syrians who have been forced to leave their home. She was not asking for handouts or pity. She thanked the UK for our kindness and told us she is determined to return to Syria one day to rebuild her country.

WE day was an incredible experience. The coach journey on the way home gave us time to reflect and process. If any students would like to get involved with the Free the Children “We act” group at the academy, see Mrs Clare or speak to a member of the group.”