Academy Director's blog - 3 July 2017

3rd July 2017

Mr JoblingCarrying on our hard work until the end!

As we enter July I am fully aware of the stereotyping that can surround what happens in academies and schools as the end of term approaches. I can however ensure you all that at National it is business as usual until the end of the final session of the year as we continue to ensure that all students get the most out of their time with us.

I have been involved in education for 17 years, with 11 of those spent at National. I can honestly say that this year has been the busiest and most productive final half term to date. It has been a privilege to share in the success of our students, and I know many of you have enjoyed this opportunity too via our social media channels.

Exams and student achievement

The examination season has now ended and I would like to congratulate all students who sat exams this year. All exams were approached with the commitment and dedication I would expect, and I am sure that the students will achieve well when the results are released in the summer.

This time of year is also gives opportunities to students to display their skills and the progress they have made over the year. It was wonderful to see so many members of the community at the academy to support the musical talents at the summer soiree, the design talent on display in the ADT end of year exhibition, and the general display of achievement and progress at our annual achievement evening. Every student who participated or received an award was deserving of the recognition participation in these events provided.

During this time, the academy was also selected to deliver training sessions to teaching assistants from other academies to train to an outstanding level, together with supporting students from Nottingham Trent University through their four-week physics internship. It was an honour and a privilege to host these events, as they are usually reserved for schools who are judged as outstanding by Ofsted. The fact that we were selected above other academies emphasises the manner in which National is regarding amongst local academies, schools and training providers.

Hello and goodbye

This past week has also seen us formally say goodbye to the class of 2017s year 11 students with their leaving service at St Marys. We will, however, be welcoming back approximately 90 of them in September as they embark on their next chapter at Hucknall Sixth Form Centre. There induction to HSFC was an insightful and productive two days that gave them the opportunity to get to grips with what A-level study is all about.

The week we welcome all 240 of the students who will be joining us in September 2017, in for a three-day induction into life at National. In addition, another 125 families of year 5 students are taking the opportunity to visit for our Academy in Action days later in the month.

In addition, we have several enrichment visits and events for current students to participate in with trips to Barcelona, Hagg Farm, The Black country museum, Twycross Zoo, STEM days and a careers day to fit in before the end of term. Our Facebook page and the academy website will be packed full of photographs and stories about all of these events as they happen.

An exciting and rewarding first year as academy director

I would like to take this opportunity to say what a pleasure my first year in the role of academy director has been. It has enabled me to get to know a greater number of students and their families. The academy has moved forward at a tremendous rate this year and we are excited about continued improvements that will benefit us all in the coming year. In addition to the update to our uniform, which will be the visual cue to the whole community about expected standards at National, the academy is making a significant investment into the learning environment over the summer holidays. Students will see significant and instantly noticeable changes when they come back in September and we will update the community on this work once it is complete.

Finally, I would like to wish you all well for a peaceful and restful summer. Please look out for an important letter next week which details the arrangements for the end of this term and for the start of term in September.

Many thanks

Martyn Jobling