Children's Mental Health Week

5th February 2018

Children's Mental Health Week 2018This week is Children’s Mental Health Week 2018, encouraging children, young people and adults to celebrate their uniqueness. It’s all about #BeingOurselves!  

Ensuring that all students are supported with this issue is a key role of the academy. There are many ways in which students can get help with their mental health if they feel they need extra support. This includes our academy counsellor, pastoral support from our chaplain, speaking to members of staff about their concerns, or reporting any issues such as bullying through our Tootoot online service.

Last week our academy principal Mr Jobling spoke directly to our year 11 boys in a unique assembly focusing on mental health amongst males, especially important as they approach their GCSE exams. He shared his own personal experiences of difficult times in his life and spoke about how vital it is to discuss feelings and ask for help from friends, family and people in positions of responsibility. Looking out for your friends is so important - make sure that you offer support when they need it and just be there for them!

The assembly also covered how all students need to take their exams and revision seriously – part of that is by asking for help if they are struggling with the stresses and pressures they may face – asking for this help and support is a strength, not a weakness.

For information and resources around Children’s Mental Health Week, visit: