Debating society launched at HSFC

2nd October 2017

Last Thursday (28 September 2017) saw the launch of the Hucknall Sixth Form Centre debating society.

The inaugural meeting brought together ten students who attended to discuss the reasons for having a debating society, and how this will help to develop key skills. The positive attainment from being a member ranges from developing public speaking skills and honing refined reasoning to thinking and reacting on the spot, as well as extending knowledge in a wide variety of current affairs and topics. The group identified the most exciting prospect as being able to develop a great set of transferable skills to take forward to other areas of life.

The students also discussed ground rules for the group, especially about respecting fellow debaters in what can be a heated environment. There were also some ‘warm-up exercises’ before talking about interests, subjects and motions that will be interesting topics to debate over this academic year. Some of the discussions that led on from that were interesting, including packing for holidays, gutting fish with credit cards and making a hammock out of tights!

The group also covered proper debating techniques, such as opening motions, counter-arguments and then putting forward their point of view in the correct manner.

Sessions are being held weekly during private study time on a Thursday – the debating society are open to new members joining the group, so interested students should speak with Mrs Morris or simply pop along and join in.

The group is still developing at HSFC, but there are potentially exciting opportunities for combined events with other sixth form centres across Diverse Academies Learning Partnership, and perhaps looking at hosting our own debate event at the centre. We look forward to seeing this group develop and grow.