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PACE Faculty


Head of Faculty – Mrs M Hall

Progress Leader – Mr A. Roberts

CLT leader – Mrs A Thorton


Faculty Over view

The PACE (Physical and Creative Education) Faculty consists of Physical Education, Music and Drama

The PE department is a strong team who can deliver a vast array of specialist activities and examination courses. We believe we develop the whole student by also giving them access to leadership opportunities in sport. In year 7 students have 3x50 min lessons, year 8 students have 2x50 min lessons in year 9 students have 3x 50 min lessons and at key stage 4 students have 2x50 min lessons Our programme of whole school extra-curricular activities and house activities is second to none. Festivals and fixtures occur on a regular basis and all students have the opportunity to take part in. All students at The National Academy on entry to Year 7, students will have a number of taster sessions each. They cover areas that display skills in striking and fielding, net/wall games, problem solving, gymnastics and invasion type activities. Assessments will be carried out during these activities which will guide us in placing the students into groups.

In Drama all KS3 pupils have one Drama and one Music lesson per week. Drama is a well-respected attribute to the school and is involved in many whole school events, firstly the major being the school production which is always of high quality and other events such as achievement evening, open evening, Christmas celebrations and assemblies.

In Music, practical music-making is at the heart every lesson. Students explore the subject through performance, composition and listening activities designed to enthuse, build confidence and encourage independent creative thinking.

The ever expanding extra-curricular opportunities in Music are designed to encourage and enrich the musical experience of each pupil. In line with the individual music tuition available at the school, this makes for an ever growing and developing department. The Department takes every opportunity to share its work with the wider community in with regular concerts both in and out of school.

Currently Key stage 3 are taught in mixed ability groups. Students will learn how to play the keyboard and all students are given the opportunity to have vocal or instrumental tuition and are encouraged to use their instruments in class lessons. Musical performances are recorded and used in self and peer evaluation as students are encouraged to share their work with others to build confidence.