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STEM ‘Bridging the Engineering Gap’
As a nation we are really short of trained civil engineers. Therefore in March some year 9 students experienced a STEM activity to raise awareness of jobs in the field of civil engineering.  It was hosted by the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) and the students were involved with the building and dismantling of a 12.5 metre cable-stayed bridge. 

ICE Bridge
The year 9 students were given an awareness and understanding of the world of civil engineering with a practical hands-on bridge building session. Two teams completed for the best time to build their side of the bridge.  The students then tested the bridge by walking over it.  Izzy Gretton said “she was a bit nervous at first but happy that the bridge was really strong”.

Tom Rusdale said “I really enjoyed the bridge building and would love to work in engineering”

Bella-Marie Read said “she was so sad when we had to stop building the bridge I could have done it all day, it was fantastic”.

Mr Topliss