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Psychology Key Stage 5

Psychology As and A level

Examination Board: AQA

Specification: 7181/7182

Why study Psychology?

A Level Psychology enables students to develop a sound understanding of the leading approaches and key research areas in psychology: the science of mind and behaviour. Psychology is a science and involves scientifically based studies, experiments and research methods.

Students will also develop their skills of communication, analysis, interpretation and evaluation.

If students are interested in people and human behaviour, then they will find psychology a fascinating subject to study. Psychology works very well with a wide range of other subjects including arts, social sciences and traditional sciences.

What will I learn about?

1 Introductory Topics in Psychology

In this unit, students study social influence, memory, attachment and psychopathology.

2 Psychology In Context

In this unit, students study the key approaches in psychology, biopsychology and research methods in psychology so that they understand the way psychological research is conducted.

3 Issues and Options in Psychology

Students will study issues and debates in psychology such as the nature nurture and freewill vs determinism debates. They will then study three psychological topics in depth – gender development, schizophrenia and forensic psychology.

How will I be assessed?

1: Introductory Topics in Psychology Written exam: 2 hours (A Level)

50% AS/33.3% A level

2: Psychology in Context

Written exam 2 hours (A Level) 50% AS/33.3% A Level.

3: Issues and Options in Psychology Written exam

2 hours (A Level) 50% AS/33.3% A Level

Future pathways/careers?

Psychology enables students to develop their skills of analysis and evaluation as well as strong communication skills which will be essential for both higher education and a range of careers. Careers which are directly based on psychology include clinical psychologist, educational psychologist and research psychologist.

The skills you will learn in psychology would also be very useful for a wide range of careers involving working with people; including law, journalism, social services, nursing or teaching.

Entry Requirements

GCSE B in Science and Maths, GSCE C in English

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