‘Big Questions’ during Mission Week

This year’s Mission week was a great success. The focus for the week was ‘Big Questions’.

We kicked off the week by welcoming Bishop Paul the Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham and Jacob one of his interns in to speak to all year groups on the Monday. They talked about viewing life as journey including enjoyable and difficult parts and the need for guidance and direction on that journey. Bishop Paul told us that for him and many other millions of people the Bible has been a source of guidance and direction in life and Jacob shared his own story of how the Bible had spoken to him in a time of need. They encouraged us to test it and see, saying that we would only know if there was something useful in it by reading it and guided us to start with one of the Gospel accounts of Jesus life.

During the rest of the week there were different sessions that our key stage 3 students took part in. Some were run by Richard Harvey who volunteers with Street Pastors in Nottingham city centre. He told our students what they do and importantly why he chooses to be involved, which is because it is a way to practically live out his faith in Jesus and seek to help the vulnerable. Some were run by Rob Taylor who runs a local charity called ‘Ministry of Sport’ he looked at why we might consider sport to be a gift from God and how that can help us to be grateful for it.

Finally some sessions were run by academy chaplain Andy McKibbin and were looking at the life and our thoughts about it or who was Jesus and what evidence is there about him and who he said he was.

Mr KcKibbin says: ‘My hope is that our students having been given the opportunity to hear other people’s perspectives will be encouraged and challenged to explore what is important for them because it is through this journey that they will begin to discern what brings meaning and has true value for life.’

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