Blog – Celebrating success in Lincoln house

In Lincoln House we are a community of over 200 students from all different year groups and different backgrounds that work hard together to try and live by our House Vision.

At the start of this academic year in our first assembly we made a pledge to focus on 4 key areas for the coming year:


  • Commitment to your work
  • Commitment to doing the best for yourself
  • Commitment to taking school life seriously


  • Responsible for your choices
  • Responsible for meeting expectations for class and homework
  • Responsible for meeting deadlines
  • Responsible for equipping yourself to learn


  • To ensure your behaviour shows respect – for yourself and others
  • To behave in a way that ensures everyone can learn
  • To model good behaviour to others in school


  • To achieve to your highest personal standard

I am delighted to say that Lincoln House is already working towards these pledges over the course of this year.

Already, I have seen over 120 students receive their bronze certificates for gaining over 150 net credit points, with fourteen students gaining their silver certificates – meaning they have gained over 300 net credit points. This is a remarkable achievement for Lincoln House and I look forward to awarding gold certificates next term.

During our weekly assemblies we celebrate these achievements and Mr Hughes (deputy head of house) presents the top 3 home groups in terms of attendance, credits and most ‘Stars of The Lesson’.

As a community we focus on celebrating our students’ successes and sharing that joy within our Lincoln community. This is one of the great pleasures of my role and one of the foundations of our successful and celebratory community.

It is always lovely to hear from parents/carers regarding the extra-curricular successes of Lincoln house students – so please do get in touch so we can celebrate those too.

Ms Craven

Head of Lincoln House    

National Church of England Academy