Faculty overview

Students access the following subject areas through the humanities faculty:

Key stage 3

In year 7 and 8 the geography and history course is delivered in two lessons per week per subject to mixed ability classes. In year 9 the Geography and History course is delivered in two lessons per week per subject to setted classes.

Key stage 4

All students can select history, geography, and business studies from the mixed option blocks and will be allocated three periods a week.

Key stage 5

Students can choose to continue study geography, history and business studies. Students can also study government and politics. The faculty is focused on raising achievement through developing new teaching ideas and providing intervention where needed. Good practice is shared across the faculty as well as across the academy. Recruitment on to humanities courses is particularly strong. These subjects are excellent preparation for a wide range of careers. Our faculty combines academic achievement with making subjects fun to learn.


The faculty also engages in a wide variety of enrichment activities beyond the normal curriculum.

Some of these include:

  • A year 8 humanities trip visits the Black Country History Museum which supports our
    studies into the Industrial Revolution
  • In year 9 history students are given the opportunity to visit the WW1 battlefields to complement our study of fighting on the western front
  • Visits go to Nottingham in geography and Tudor houses in history at GCSE level. These trips support the controlled assessment and unit 4 sections of the respective courses
  • Post 16 trips include ‘Liverpool re-branded’ for geography as well as two trips to support  students studying history to ‘Auschwitz – Holocaust revisited’ as well as Berlin and

As a faculty we really encourage students to take part in the visits we offer. Learning outside the classroom really supports learning in the classroom and gives students a very different learning experience.


The humanities faculty has a suite of seven rooms. Each classroom is large and well equipped and has the benefit of a data projector as well as traditional whiteboards. We also benefit from 16 iPads which are used to complement students’ learning.

Subject specific equipment

We expect all students to bring a pen, pencil and ruler to each lesson. It is also advantageous for students to have their own pencil crayons. We provide books, folders and paper for each subject as appropriate.

Head of faculty

Mr M Jones



(0115) 9635667 extension (119)

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