Inspirational visit from

On Thursday this week, we were delighted to welcome as they visited National. During the morning year 9 students took part in an assembly which told the story about how the WE movement started. They listened to how a young boy in Canada founded the WE organisation after hearing about the murder of a child who worked in a carpet factory in Pakistan. The assembly focused on the power that young people have in their communities and urged the students to use their voice.

After the assembly a small group of students took part in workshops focused on issues analysis, research skills, building an action plan and public speaking. All the students involved have developed plans which they feel will tackle one of the big issues this generation faces – the overuse and disposal of single use plastics. As an academy we look forward to seeing these plans become a reality and hope that our students can lead the way in creating real change in our attitudes and actions.

Well done to all the students involved – your passion and commitment is inspiring.

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