Recycled plastic sits comfortably on academy site

2 July 2019

Recently we have had some new furniture appear around the academy site, which has been secured by our brilliant WeAct group. The new furniture has been purchased using money they secured from the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, and the students chose benches to be used by their friends and peers at the academy.

Not only is the furniture practical and comfortable, but is supporting the removal of plastic from our environment – each bench is made from approximately 5,000 plastic bottles, with the recycled material being put to good use. To put that into perspective, as an academy we could produce this number of waste plastic bottles in less than 2 weeks.

To support better options for recycling on our academy site, new bins for plastic bottles will be appearing around National. We encourage every member of our academy community to use these and help keep the site clean and support our environmental efforts.

National Church of England Academy