Religious studies curriculum visit to London

4 December 2018

A group of our year 10 students have this week visited London on a two-day residential religious studies trip.

During the trip, students have had the opportunity to visit and experience a number of famous landmarks in the capital, together with exhibitions to challenge and extend the learning they are doing in the classroom.

The first day was a great success, starting with a visit to the holocaust exhibition at the Imperial War Museum – this provided plenty of food for thought when considering the problem of evil. The group then went to the East London mosque, with students really impressing their guide with their knowledge of Arabic terms!

Our London field-trippers concluded their visit with lots of walking and exploration on day two! The group of students and staff visited St Paul’s Cathedral and did a fantastic job of walking up the 546 steps to the top of the dome. They were rewarded with amazing views of the London skyline – all well worth the effort!

After some lunch they took a visit to Westminster Cathedral to look for similarities and differences between the Church of England (St Pauls) and Roman Catholic Christianity before returning back to Hucknall full of ideas, questions and with a fantastic experience behind them.

Mrs Halfpenny, teacher at National said of the visit, ‘The students have been an absolute credit to the academy and have asked loads of insightful questions, the answers to which will support their development in this subject. A very worthwhile and eye-opening trip.’

National Church of England Academy