Students enjoy enlightening Mission Week

Mission complete! We have had a fantastic Mission week recently, focused on Fresh Perspectives. This year we challenged our students to try something new and be open to new ways of seeing things.

To kick the week off we were visited by Father Richard Peers who is the Director of Education for Liverpool Diocese who introduced the students to the practice of Christian Mindfulness. This was a challenging session for everyone as we are so used to having our minds stimulated all the time that we rarely pause and be still with our thoughts.

During the rest of the week our chaplain was running sessions with key stage 3 students about perspective and how easy it can be to end up with a very narrow viewpoint on things. Students were encouraged to be curious about the way other people see the world and instead of seeing differences as a problem seeing them as an opportunity find out about other interesting and life-giving perspectives that can help us to better understand ourselves and the world.

We were also visited by Dr. Sharon Dirckx from the Zacharias Trust who spoke to some of our triple science groups and RS groups on the topic; ‘Has science disproved God?’ This was a fantastic opportunity for students to hear a new perspective on this age old debate and in the Q&A afterwards ask any of their burning questions of Dr. Dirckx who is a Christian Scientist with a PhD in Brain Imaging.

Through these activities and tutor group activities our hope is that  everyone at National encountered a new way of seeing things and that this can be a beginning of a new openness to ask our big questions and together search for answers that are meaningful and give purpose.

National Church of England Academy