Thought for the Week – Peace

Bible reading:
Colossians 3:5 “The peace that Christ gives is to guide you in the decision you make; for it is this peace that God has called you together in one body.”

Psychologists have known for a long time that failure to acknowledge and grapple with our inner ‘demons’ causes us to project those problems on to others, seeing them as somehow being the cause of the discomfort we feel. I think peace in the world is only achievable when we have learnt to find peace within ourselves – now that may sound like a rather clichéd, airy fairy statement, but it isn’t; the road to inner peace is a hard, and uncomfortable grind which is precisely why so few of us enjoy that reality. It means courageously facing our ‘shadow’ as Carl Jung refers to it; the parts of our personality that we struggle with accepting or don’t want to admit to. It’s a road we all travel on in this life to a greater or lesser extent depending on our willingness to open up. For the Christian the comfort, courage and hope needed to continue step-by-step on this journey comes from Jesus Christ and the knowledge that through Him we have already been accepted, cherished and love by God regardless of the shadows we carry.

Servant God, We pray for all those who work for world peace, as well as those who fight against it; within your love, may they all find peace. We acknowledge that peace ‘out there’ can only come from peace within and so we ask that we would know your love for us in such a way that peace would blossom within us. As we learn to love ourselves as you love us may this spread into love for others; that they too might find peace within. In Jesus precious name we ask it, Amen.

National Church of England Academy